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Sarajevo Graduate School of Business Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays – 750 words

Sarajevo Graduate School of Business – Case Study Example

After its inception, the school gained a good reputation across Eastern Europe whereby it attracted many young managers across Bosnia and had a diverse population of young students from six different nations (Sarajevo graduate business school Web). The country of Bosnia, similar to Herzegovina had been in a regional war for a long time, which devastated the country, as well as its capital city Sarajevo. The country of Yugoslavia was largely a communist nation, which followed and supported the ideologies of the USSR. However, not all parts of Yugoslavia supported these ideologies. This led to the conflict of interest since other people supported the capitalist ideologies while the others were a neutral ground. Yugoslavia was highly unified under the central control of Tito until the year 1992 when countries such as Serbia gained independence from Moscow. This led to a war with an objective of all countries involves gaining the same independence from Yugoslavia. Later on, after 10 years, Bosnia gained its independence from Yugoslavia and continued to support the capitalist ideologies (Sarajevo graduate business school Web). It was the countries quest for capitalist ideologies, which attracted investors into that country. …
This was done under a four-year contract whereby the USAID was to develop and implement a sustainable MBA program (Sarajevo graduate business school Web). John Stocker joined the Sarajevo Graduate Business School of business in 2005 as a chief party where he also represented FLAG, a project management and investment firm in which he was a principal. Stocker, being a finance PhD holder had vast experience as lecturer where he had taught as a professor in the United States, Bulgaria, and Afghanistan. By the year 2007, the Sarajevo graduate school of business had taught and graduated three groups totaling to 100 students from its two-year MBA program. These graduates were all employed immediately since the school provided both the operational knowledge and the opportunity to come up with a network of professional contacts. However, in the year 2007, things began to change in the objectives of the University Of Delaware. The University of Delaware did not place significant value on the strategic link of both universities. In addition, the low-income levels in Bosnia prevented University of Delaware from charging U.S.-level tuition fee for the program, which led to the expensive salary for lecturers from the US. This led to the withdrawal of the USAID support from the business school. Consequently, the Sarajevo graduate business school withdrew the provision of its MBA degree program under the schools banner. However, there were two possibilities which john stocker developed to the program. one of the alternative was to develop a new U.S. partner institute to offer a program comparable to the University of Delaware platform while the other was to develop